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Become actresses and actors of the change you want!

For 5 years now, we have been commited to the development of more sustainable and more ethical tourism in Mauritius and more generally for a more inclusive Mauritian society. For us, one does not go without the other. Far from us the idea to "lecturing you", but the humble and modest ambition to make you discover our island differently, inspiring projects and to make you live moments of exchanging and sharing with the people who develop them, to whom we will bring a support through your purchases or visits.

To give you keys to understanding our multicultural society as well.

How to define sustainable tourism?

  1. putting people back at the very heart of travel

  2. making sense and creating memories

  3. reducing our ecological footprint as much as possible

  4. supporting the local development

  5. offering a fair price

A pro-active and positive approach, aware of the specific issues of the Mauritian society and which seeks to promote all actions aiming at correcting its imbalances whether environmental, cultural, social or societal.

Join the movement with the Flockeo Partners!

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