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Discovering the Mauritian Handicraft!



Meeting a local craftsman or artist means meeting a story teller, a person who will be proud to show you its work and share its passion. This can also allow him – this is not compulsory – to live from his work and at least to protect the island heritage.


Glass work, wood work, including the famous model boats, but also the pirogues, basketry, organic essential oil distillery, jewels made of urchins, sega tipik instruments, rum distillery, biscuit factory, vanilla production, painting, ... let's go and discover the local heritage!


Day rate (from 9AM to 4PM) :


- Rs 6,000 (pick-up at your accommodation place and drop-off, guided tours) on a 2 person-basis.

- Lunch in a typical local restaurant included.

Any interest or question, feel free to contact us!

We don't get any commissions on the sales, as we give exclusive priority to the local production and artists or craftspeople in a true approach of responsible tourism!

Local craft, basketry, welcome!
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