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We propose you a 3 hour - culinary workshop to be held in the private kitchen of a Mauritian lady. Her grand-ma' and her mother taught her how to cook, in the backyard, around the fire, crushing the spices with the "ros kari" (curry stone) !


We will be very pleased to tell you this story and share it with you. Cultures and origins have created this Mauritian melting pot and this diversity can still be found in our creole plates. In Mauritius, we share … and this is especially true when it comes to food!


  • What do we usually eat in Mauritius?

  • Discovery of the main typical vegetables: lalo, margoz, pipengaille and others

  • How to manage with faratas, roti, ti puri and dholl puri?

  • Spices: history and use

  • Let's cook together: a meat, fish or octopus cari, 2 or 3 vegetable caris, a chutney (chatini), pickels (achards), faratas and dessert

  • Let's taste together!


A see you next time - gift and maybe a nice after-lunch walking across the village! Moris Otreman, much more than guided tours!

And always with the Moris Otreman spirit! Please contact here!


Start from your accomodation place at 9:30AM. Back at around 3/4PM.


Activity rate per person sharing : Rs 1,600

Tripadvisor Review: Eric took us to meet Anjoo in her lovely welcoming house where we participated in cooking a wonderful array of dishes using local produce - a lot of it from her garden. We got really hands on, using the traditional roche cari to grind spices & make pastes, we made traditional bread. It was THE most fantastic experience & it culminated in a most delicious lunch that we shared together.
We would thoroughly recommend Eric’s company. If we come back we will definitely do more tours with him. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the history & customs of the Island.
Julie & Amir

Traidtional spices grinder!
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