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A boat trip alongside the East Coast!



- Discovery of the Poudre d'Or lagoon

- Swimming and snorkeling and snack

- Arrival at the Bernache islet, free time awaiting the lunch preparation

- Lunch: homemade welcome punch, mix-grill (fish, shrimps, chicken, sausages, salads, desserts.

- Drinks: beers, wine, fruit juices, soda, coffee, ...

- Walking through the Amber island and way back through the mangrove.



Moris Otreman partners are duly registered and respect the existing legislation, especially when it concerns safety regulations. We also act eco-friendly and respect the environment as good as we can. Moris Otreman, much more than guided tours!


Day rate (from 9 AM till 4 PM) :


- Rs 2,500 / person and Rs 1,200 for kids under 12.

- Rs 16,000 in private boat (from 1 to 4 persons). Additional passengers possible.

- Feel free to contact us for a private fishing experience in the lagoon! Please contact here!


  • Please adapt your clothes to the activities, don't forget your sunglasses and hats, sun protection, swimsuit, towel, ...

  • You will be picked up at your accommodation place and brought there back

Blue lagoon, green island!
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