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Fishing in the lagoon!



The seine fishing, the activity of which is regulated and controlled in Mauritius, is a very old fishing technique which consists of capturing fish on the surface in open water by encircling them using a fishing net called seine. This is mounted on two ropes, one fitted with floats and the other with ballast, then maneuvered by two ropes fixed at the ends used for hauling and bringing down the fish.


The Egyptians used seines over 2,500 BC. AD.


This artisanal technique preserves the resource. It has no contact with the seabed and generates very little bycatch (accidental capture of unwanted species).


Seine fishing is also a question of technique. First, you have to know how to monitor the tide, because everything is organized according to the tide. Then, you have to know where to cast your seine, how to encircle the fish and raise the seine without losing your catch. This is why seining is such folklore.


























To catch mules, it’s still quite a ceremony. “Lasennn kanar” is a net held by pieces of bamboo, which allows it to float. Once it is placed at sea, the fishermen start a round and hit their canoes with pieces of wood. The mules then jump from the water to land in the seine. But we also fish for cobbler, trevally, cobbled mouth and captain. In Mauritius, a horizontal seine is used, but in Rodrigues it is vertical.


Come discover it with us! Depending of the season, seine fishing or angling.

And always with the "Moris Otreman" spirit, discovering, meeting and sharing with the Mauritian population! Please contact here!


Day rate (from 8AM to 1PM) :


- Rs 5,000 (for 2 persons, pick-up and drop-off at your accommodation place in the North, guided tours)

- Lunch in a typical local restaurant.


Any question or interest? Feel free to contact us!

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